What are your Colors?

Your style is unique, just as is your signature.  Did your last school have colors?  August 31 is College Colors Day (#CollegeColorsDay) - what are your colors?
Many artists struggle with making art that is uniquely theirs.  They study for years to replicate a style or a bit of nature, maybe many bits.  We copy pictures - our own or others' - we paint outside, trying to capture the beauty of nature.  We paint our pets (which can be particularly satisfying - OR frustrating!).  Anything and everything is a potential subject as we try to put into 2D form, a favorite view, person, or thing.  Do you like pears and applies?  Maybe you paint still lives....
You get the point.  All artists have done it.  Many art schools encourage students to set up an easel at an art museum, if they are allowed, and copy some of the masters' works.  I've seen students doing this in Paris and in Philadelphia.  It is a great way to learn. 
But how, then, do we develop our own style?
I prefer to word it a bit differently.  I believe we are all born with our own style.  Our job as artists is to allow it expression.  We do this by pursuing our inclinations - some have called it following our muse.  If you feel like painting flowers, do it!  Want to play with alcohol inks and make an abstract mess?  Do it!  The more you explore, the closer you will come to recognizing what it is that makes your style unique.  It is, in fact, what makes you unique!  
What are your true colors?
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