Happy National Coloring Book Day!

I celebrate just about anything that adds creativity and beauty to life - especially any easy do-it-yourself projects!  So just for you, here is a coloring book page that was generously shared on Pinterest by Chantal@NerdyMomma.com.

sea turtle coloring page for adults for free download

I encourage you to print this Polynesian symbol of good fortune and color it in with crayons, colored pencils or markers. I can guarantee that yours will be unique!

The sea turtle has come to stand for the state of pollution in our oceans and the effort of wildlife to survive the impact of human existence.  Beautiful and graceful under water, turtles are awkward and lumbering on land.  Baby turtles, on the other hand, are adorable as they scuttle from their nest to the sea to start their fight for survival.  As adults, they are curious and will often approach boats and divers to see what these strange interlopers are doing in their space.  I remember one trying to help us recover a sunk anchor many years ago in the British Virgin Islands.  Well, I'm not sure she was trying to help, so much as figure out what we were up to!

This is a picture I recently painted of a sea turtle. I love the effect of the sun through the ocean water, and I enjoyed creating the turtle in sepia with paint and pen.

Enjoy your coloring page!  I hope you'll share your finished product!  Post it to my Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/pattycunninghamart/