Art is Life

My name is Patty and I've been creating since I can remember.  I have always worked with my hands and wanted beautiful things around me.  From coloring books to woodworking, silkscreening to encaustic, I have always enjoyed creating images and manipulating textures.  The sense of fulfillment from finishing a painting that lives up to my initial vision of it is one of the most satisfying feelings I can imagine.  No wonder I want to share my art with the world! 

I believe everyone should be surrounded by things that make them happy.  These can be musical instruments, watercolor landscapes, encaustic abstracts, jewelry or sculptures.  I know people who find beauty in the precision of a finely tuned machine, such as a gun or an airplane engine.  I appreciate the play of color and light, whether I'm watching a blue jay looking for a nest to plunder or a mountain stream gurgling through the woods, where the colors meet and how the textures intermingle are, for me, what makes a moment remarkable.

How do you create?  What gets your juices flowing?  And what would you like to see on my website?  

May your day be full of remarkable moments.