The latest mural project was a lunchroom in a Center City Philadelphia law office. To give this inner space, which has no windows, some interest, the partners decided to move it to Tuscany. Click here for more pictures of this project.

2004 brought new directions as I partnered with some friends in Murals By Design. Though we've all had many years in the art field, our first major project together was to produce a mural for the graduating class of a local middle school. The theme was Noah's Ark, and while our professional team prepared the landscape, each student in the 8th grade class chose an animal to draw and then paint on the wall. The results were impressive, as you can see here.

Mural projects include:

  • a jungle Theme Bedroom,
  • a hockey enthusiast's room,
  • a floral front entryway with birds galore
  • a porch overlooking a meandering river
  • a back door enlivened with chickens
  • a a lunchroom transported to Tuscany
  • a naturalist's powderroom
  • some seagulls in an updated bathroom and
  • a deer in the mist on an exterior door.

    We specialize in custom-designed murals to enhance and personalize your living space. We can create natural scenes, fantasies, or simply put a faux finish on one or more walls.

    To enhance your decor, we also custom paint furniture, such as this table for a bird enthusiast.

    Please email me if you have any questions or would like to discuss any of the work further.