Although I'd like to say I'm a self-taught artist, the truth is that I am a student and have been fortunate to have many fine teachers over the years. I've worked with some of the best local artists that Chester County, PA (home of NC Wyeth) currently offers. This area has a very large art community which enriches the experience of all who live here. I'm pleased to say I've benefited from that exposure.

I discovered relatively late in life the pleasures of interpreting the natural world. I love drawing animals and finding the spirit within each. I continually strive to find that unique core within that reflects the energy of the animal, and portray it in pencil or watercolor. I find particular enjoyment in catching the essence of the animal in a minimalistic way which is why I particularly enjoy working in pencil.

In my watercolors, I play with the colors that are absent in pencil work. The rich jewel tones of watercolor inspire me to experiment with sunsets and sunrises -- my favorites incorporate animals in some way. And sometimes abstracts just call to me as an unstructured release!

I hope you enjoy this website. Please email me if you have any questions or would like to discuss any of the work further.